ICE Reports Increase in Futures Volume for July 2009; ADV up 34% in July and 10% Year-to-Date; Record Monthly Volume, ADV and Open Interest at ICE Futures Europe; ICE Clear Europe Launches CDS Clearing

Released : 04 August 2009

ATLANTA, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- IntercontinentalExchange(R) (NYSE: ICE), a leading operator of regulated global futures exchanges, clearing houses and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, today reported strong July 2009 volume. Average daily volume (ADV) for ICE's futures markets was 1,012,437 contracts, an increase of 34% from July 2008. Year-to-date through July 31, 2009, ADV across ICE's futures exchanges was 1,015,405 contracts, an increase of 10% compared to the same period of 2008. Total futures volume for the month of July was 22.3 million contracts.

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ICE Futures Europe(R) established monthly volume and ADV records of 15,769,521 contracts and 716,796 contracts, respectively, and month-end open interest reached a record 2,778,885 contracts, an increase of 32% from December 31, 2008. Volume, ADV and open interest records were set in a number of ICE Futures Europe contracts, including ICE Brent crude oil, European gas oil and EU emissions futures.

Additional July 2009 Information:

-- ICE Clear Europe(R) began CDS clearing operations on July 27 with 10 initial members. In its first week, ICE Clear Europe cleared 141 transactions totaling Euro 5.9 billion ($8.4 billion) of notional value, and resulting in Euro 382.5 million of open interest.

-- Since its inception in March, ICE Trust(TM), ICE's U.S.-based dedicated credit default swap clearing house, has cleared 19,255 transactions totaling $1.7 trillion of notional value, and resulting in $171 billion of open interest through July 31.

-- On July 17, ICE announced its segregated funds solution to serve buy-side participants wishing to participate in CDS clearing with account protections and portability.

-- On July 27, ICE announced that its Henry Hub natural gas swap contract was designated as a Significant Price Discovery Contract by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). In addition, as of July 31, ICE Futures Europe's WTI crude oil futures contract is included in the CFTC's weekly Commitment of Traders report.

-- ICE Chairman and CEO Jeff Sprechertestified at a CFTC hearing on July 28 regarding position limits and hedge exemptions for CFTC-regulated contracts.

    -- Trading days in July 2009:
        - ICE Futures Europe: 22
        - ICE Futures U.S. (R) (Agricultural and Financial): 22
        - ICE Futures Canada(R): 22

    -- ICE Futures Europe product records achieved in July 2009:
        - The ICE Brent crude futures contract established monthly volume and
          ADV records of 7,148,810 contracts and 324,946 contracts,
        - The ICE Gas Oil futures contract established monthly volume and ADV
          records of 3,625,426 contracts and 164,792 contracts, respectively.
        - Volume, ADV and open interest records were established for several
          coal and emissions contracts, as well as U.K. natural gas and U.K.
          electricity contracts.

                  ICE Futures Contracts & Markets Monthly ADV

                                             ADV        ADV
                                             July       July      ADV
          Product Line                       2009       2008    % Change
          ------------                       ----       ----    --------
    ICE Brent Crude futures & options     325,458    239,165        36.1
    ICE WTI Crude futures & options       189,621    174,839         8.5
    ICE Gas Oil futures & options         165,697    105,570        57.0
    ICE ECX emissions futures &
     options (1)                           21,405     15,057        42.2
    Other futures contracts (2)            14,615      5,921       146.8
    TOTAL ICE FUTURES EUROPE              716,796    540,552        32.6
    Russell 2000(R) mini futures &
     Options (3)                          129,028      7,511      1618.0
    Sugar No. 11 futures & options        102,449    115,306       -11.2
    Other agricultural commodity
     contracts (4)                         45,502     69,134       -34.2
    Currency futures (5)                    4,041      6,062       -33.3
    Index futures (6)                       6,401      5,584        14.6
    Other contracts (7)                       181        619       -70.8
    TOTAL ICE FUTURES U.S.                287,602    204,216        40.8
    TOTAL ICE FUTURES CANADA                8,039      8,100        -0.8
                                            -----      -----        ----
    TOTAL FUTURES CONTRACTS             1,012,437    752,868        34.5%

    (1) ICE ECX EUA and ICE ECX CER futures and options contracts are the
    result of a cooperative relationship between ICE Futures Europe and the
    European Climate Exchange. ICE Futures Europe shares in the transaction
    fee revenue derived from these contracts.
    (2) "Other futures contracts" include ICE Middle East Sour Crude futures;
    ICE Heating Oil futures; ICE Unleaded Gasoline Blendstock (RBOB) futures;
    ICE UK Natural Gas futures; ICE UK Electricity futures; and ICE Coal
    (3) The transition of the Russell 2000 mini futures and options
    contracts to exclusive trading on ICE occurred in September 2008.
    (4) "Other agricultural commodity contracts" include futures and/or
    options for Cocoa, Coffee "C", Cotton No. 2, Orange Juice, Sugar No. 14
    and Sugar No. 16.
    (5) "Currency futures" include futures for foreign exchange futures.
    (6) "Index futures" include futures for the U.S. Dollar Index(R), Russell
    2000 (full size), Russell 1000(R), Russell 1000 mini, the Continuous
    Commodity Index, the Euro Index, and the NYSE Composite. The transition of
    the Russell Index futures and options contracts to exclusive trading on
    ICE occurred in September 2008.
    (7) "Other contracts" include options on foreign exchange futures and
    options on index futures, excluding Russell 2000 mini options.

                             ICE Futures Year-to-Date ADV

                              7-mos 2009        7-mos 2008    Percent Change
                              ----------        ----------    --------------
    ICE Futures Europe           636,213           601,659               5.7
    ICE Futures U.S.             364,869           303,717              20.1
    ICE Futures Canada            14,323            14,720              -2.7
                     ICE Futures Monthly and Year-to-Date Volume

                                July 2009         July 2008    Percent Change
                                ---------         ---------    --------------
    ICE Futures Europe         15,769,521        12,432,698              26.8
    ICE Futures U.S.            6,327,237         4,512,524              40.2
    ICE Futures Canada            176,868           178,205              -0.8

                              7-mos 2009         7-mos 2008    Percent Change
                              ----------         ----------    --------------
    ICE Futures Europe         94,159,478        90,850,497               3.6
    ICE Futures U.S.           53,270,894        44,721,074              19.1
    ICE Futures Canada          2,105,484         2,178,490              -3.4
                            ICE Futures Open Interest

                                      July 31, 2009    December 31, 2008
                                      -------------    -----------------
    ICE Futures Europe                    2,778,885            2,102,574
    ICE Futures U.S.                      2,958,162            3,028,877
    ICE Futures Canada (1)                  119,873               97,673

    (1) The July 31 figure represents open interest at ICE Futures Canada
        through July 30, 2009.
               Rolling Three-Month Average Rate per Contract (RPC)

                        Three Months      Three Months      Three Months
                           Ending            Ending            Ending
    Product Line         July 2009         June 2009           May 2009
    ------------        ------------      ------------      ------------
    ICE Futures Europe     $1.58             $1.61              $1.61
    ICE Futures U.S. Ag    $2.15             $2.16              $2.23
    ICE Futures U.S. Fin   $0.86             $0.84              $0.77

    RPC is calculated by dividing transaction revenues by contract volume, and
    may vary based on pricing, customer and product mix.

    Monthly RPC and volumes are estimated using best available current
    information. Final figures are reported in ICE's quarterly and annual
    filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Historical futures volume and OTC commission data can be found at:

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