Directorate Change

Released : 29 November 2016 07:00

29 November 2016

Galasys PLC

(“Galasys” or “The Group”)


Directorate Change




Immediately after the Annual General Meeting on 26 November 2016, the board of directors Galasys PLC consists of:

1. Mr. Sean Kok Wah

2. Mr. Hee Chee Keong

3. Mr. Chuah Teong Ming


Galasys PLC

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Seah Kok Wah– Chief Executive Officer

About Galasys

Galasys is a leading integrated and modular amusement park solutions and services provider to premier amusement parks in China and South East Asia. Through its proprietary systems, the Group provides amusement park operators with the ability to sell, manage and analyse tickets, visitors, merchandise sales and other amusement park operations. It has been operating since 2005 and supplies solutions and services to more than 200 amusement parks in China and South East Asia. The Group has invested more than 50 man-years in R&D and owns the intellectual properties to its software and systems. The Group currently employs and retains more than 140 people across Asia.

In recognition of the quality of the Group’s solutions and services, Galasys is a merit recipient for the prestigious 2015 ASOCIO ICT Awards in the category of Outstanding ICT Company.

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